Tri-County Veterinary Clinic, LLC

Services Offered at Tri-County Veterinary Clinic

Scott Josephson, D.V.M.

Food Animal Services


  Dr. Scott Josephson specializes in preventative care and treatment of bovine, feedlots and cow/calf operations.  He can help your operation with vaccination and treatment protocols that work for you.

Reproductive Services


  Dr. Scott Josephson and the Tri-County Veterinary Clinic place an emphasis on bovine reproduction.  This encompasses dairy reproductive herd management, heifer development, beef breeding programs and embryo transfer.

  As part of a complete herd health program, we focus on increasing profitability on dairies by minimizing days open and improving conception rates.   Programs vary from routine monthly pregnancy/open cow checks utilizing rectal palpation, to a complete management program known as “Iversynch”.  Iversynch is our patented aggressive protocol with early open-cow checking using ultrasound and rapid resynchronization with CIDRs.  This protocol sets new standards for the industry and makes reproductive management an objective task on the dairy.

  We also help beef herds achieve their reproductive goals by establishing health and controlled breeding protocols.  Ultrasound technology is used to provide accurate pregnancy status, including fetal sexing.

  Embryo transfer is a large part of our practice.  We provide a full range of ET services and are an American Embryo Transfer Association Certified Embryo Transfer Business.  Dr. Josephson has been involved with embryo transfer since 1992, and currently flushes 400 donors and transfers 4-5000 embryos each year.

Trish Bordewyk

Carcass Ultrasound Services

Trish Bordewyk is a highly trained CUP Lab Certified Technician and is UGC Certified to work with all breeds. She uses the most advanced and up-to-date carcass ultrasound software with the fastest turnaround time available. Trish offers extremely competitive pricing with the highest quality service.


For more information on our Carcass Ultrasound Services, Click Here.


Companion Animal Services


  We also specialize in small animal care.  We focus on preventative care, and also provide diagnostics and medical treatment when your pet needs it.  Please call us for an appointment.


Click Here for Helpful Information about your Companion Animal.

Small Ruminant Laparoscopic AI

  Now offering Laparoscopic AI on Small Ruminants!


  Laparoscopic AI is being utilized in the sheep, goat, and deer  industry to extend the use of superior rams and bucks. Lap AI offers the producer the opportunity to maximize the reproductive potential of superior small ruminants.


  Tri County Veterinary clinic has equipment to collect and extend semen for fresh AI. We can also store purchased frozen semen at our facility. Shipping tanks are available if the company the semen is purchased from does not have to ability to ship to the clinic.


  Synchronization protocols to ensure proper estrus timing. Click Here to learn more.


  Please call Trish at the Tri County Veterinary Clinic for more information or to schedule and AI session. 507-872-6113 or email trish.tricounty@mvtvwireless.com