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The technique of laparoscopic artificial insemination involves the synchronization of estrus and a single, timed insemination of ewes or does with a minor surgical procedure. The laparoscope is inserted through the abdominal wall. This allows the veterinarian to visualize the internal reproductive tract and inject the semen directly into the lumen of both uterine horns. Intrauterine insemination results in much higher conception rates compared to other forms of AI, especially when using frozen-thawed semen. Sires can also be collected fresh on the day of AI, extended with a diluent, and then used for insemination. The advantages of Lap AI include the economical use of sires of superior genetics, a shorter lambing/kidding window, and the use of young sires.

Small Ruminant Services Provided:

Small Ruminant Laparoscopic AI

Both On-Farm and In-Clinic Services Provided